A Dream Come True


Thirty-five years ago, my husband Tom and I first visited Corfu, an island I hadn’t visited since my childhood family vacations there. We immediately fell in love with the island, its people and its history. Of course, we had to visit the village of Ano Korakiana where my ancestors come from, and we found it mostly in ruins.

We dreamed of buying the whole village, fixing the houses and turning it into an art retreat where people from around the world could be inspired by the beauty and history of this place to create. Unfortunately, at the time, this dream was not to be. We had a family to raise in Seattle and most importantly, we couldn’t afford it. For the next 35 years, the dream never left my mind.


Ano Korakiana

Once a thriving community, we found the village to be mostly deserted. Why? The famine that followed World War II forced people to leave the countryside. Many, like my family, looked for a better future in big cities and new continents. Now, once again my ancestral village is has recovered and it is a vibrant and lively community.

In 2018, on a rainy Seattle night I first saw images of a 1740’s Corfu olive mill.  Simplicity, grandeur, daunting.  I flew over right away and purchased this storied property. Corfu immediately reawakened sensory magic in me, as in so many.  After months of painstaking restoration by local artisans, O-Eleonas now beckons you to inspiration and beauty.  We’re eager to welcome you.  

The Olive Mill

The Olive Mill

“Time and weather had left a beautiful warm sense of belonging and the stories of this place were told on the patina of the walls. Come and paint with me.”

Elena Korakianitou