Our Artists

O-Eleonas is dedicated to global creative learning.  Artists from many nations teach and learn from students in an atmosphere of inspirational exchange, dreaming and creating where feelings are stronger than reason.


Mike Magrath

“Of no particular denomination of religious faith, Magrath attempts to excavate, understand, and depict the universal truths that lie at the core of religious and human experience. His primary focus lies in the embodiment and reinterpretation of mythology in contemporary contexts, and is most interested in its potential to reinvigorate the human spirit, particularly in the face of the cynicism of the modern world.”

His approach to sculpture and life makes a perfect match for O-Eleonas’ philosophy.

Currently Mike teaches sculpture at Gage Academy in Seattle WA. Please go to his website for more information about Mike’s career and work


Elena Korakianitou

“My life and my art are inextricably connected with endless dreaming and creating. Often I wonder if life is different from art. Everything I do and everything I dream of doing has to do with art and creating. My passion for making beautiful things takes me to the physical and metaphysical levels of creation. Once I start creating I get so lost in the process that sometimes it is unclear to me if I am the creator or the object of creation. It is this dream state that I try to convey in my art classes.”

Elena is the founder of O-Eleonas Art Retreat. For more information on her career please go to her personal website.

Tip Toland is an international know artist who is going to be teaching at O-Eleonas in 2020

Tip Toland

“My work is an attempt to give voice to inner psychological and/or spiritual states of being. What is of primary importance to me is that the figures contain particular aspects of humanity which they can mirror back to the viewer. It’s the vulnerability of Humanity I am after. That is one reason for choosing very old or very young subjects. They both can portray innocence as well as extreme complexity.” For more information please go to Tip’s website.

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Suzanne Brooker

 Suzanne has been a teaching artist for over 20 years. She has published three instructional books on drawing and painting including, Essential Techniques of Landscape Drawing (2018), Components of Landscape Oil Painting (2015), and Portrait Painting Atelier (2010). Suzanne is a master of translating the visual complexities of the natural world into tangible concepts for artists. Learn how to render nature with all of it’s many guises: air borne clouds, flowing water, eruptions of earth, both craggy and smooth, to the elegant sculpture of trees.

Landscape Drawing email.jpg

Landscape Drawing employs observational skills to translate the scene through drawing techniques in graphite. This book is aimed at the novice drawer and builds from fundamental concepts of visual thinking to light logic and shading techniques to composition. Each of the components of the landscape (sky, terrain, trees and water) are described in detail with practice strokes and demonstration drawings that show their step-by-step development. The last chapter explores how these techniques are then utilized with other drawing media.