Villa Inspirante

The building was built as an olive mill for Conte Kompitsi of Venice in 1740. After his departure from the island it continued to be an olive mill for the village until 1945 when a British family converted it into a villa. It was occupied by various owners and then stayed empty for several years until we purchased it in February 2018. Since then it has been renovated extensively to serve as a creative retreat and villa rental.


Artist’s retreats are available November-March. The villa and the art studios are open for use to artists who want to live and work in an inspiring environment away from the wild crowds and the noise of everyday city life. Artists who are interested have to go through an application process and pay a $2000 monthly rental fee not including the utilities.

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The entire villa can be available for rent during the months of May, June, July and August. For clients who want to combine luxury and the authentic and simple life of the village, this is the perfect place, just 10 minutes from the city center. A delicious Greek breakfast will be provided by our manager Rena. Other meals can be provided at your request by Brousko Taverna next door to the villa with home made cooking and wine by Kyria Maria. Cleaning is provided daily. The studio can be used as a conference room for large meetings for corporate clients. Catering for many people can be arranged. The grounds are romantic for wedding receptions and the Saint Peter and Saint Paul church across the street with its historic Venetian bell tower makes it ideal for wedding ceremonies. Please contact us for pricing and rental information.