O-ELEONAs Kitchen

With Chef Julie Little

September 3-14 2019

No visit to Greece is complete without a stop in Athens! The culinary odyssey to Corfu begins with 2 days in Athens. Ancient Athenian food markets and the city itself provide a sensory welcome.  Then to Corfu for a deep, delicious dive into cooking the island’s signature dishes. 


Corfu Farmer’s Market

The Corfu food market is situated between the newer part of town and the New Fort. Corfu Town’s fresh-produce market sells fruits and vegetables, mostly local and often organic, plus the daily fishermen’s catch. Close by is the best fish restaurant in the city.

Collaborate with Chef Julie and select today’s best ingredients at Corfu’s Farmer’s Market

Chef Julie Little expertly leads a cooking workshop focusing on local Corfu recipes. The island’s cuisine, an amalgam of Greek, Venetian and French influences is unique in the world. Greek hospitality, food, drink, climate and atmosphere belong together. The O-Eleonas experience distills all of this to its essence.  Simply, deliciously, indelibly.


Luscious Local Food

After we shop Corfu’s ancient public markets for fresh ingredients, Chef Julie will guide us through ancient cooking techniques as we produce a memorable repast. Finally,  all of delectable Corfu made manifest, we feast under the olive trees and linger in the grove as the light changes.

O-Eleonas Kitchen


We will use both the indoor kitchen and the custom outdoor wood-fired oven to cook and bake.


Let’s Cook!

Julie is a professional Chef who elevates any food, whether poached eggs or poitrine de veau, into a sublime experience. Her love for fresh ingredients and sense for adventure and humor will make this course a memorable experience that you will want to repeat over and over.

Julie Little has been a professional cooking instructor for over 15 years. Prior to her life as a chef, Julie worked in Restaurant Marketing and Wine and Spirits Marketing. She was National and International Brand Director for several well known spirits brands, including Baileys, Florio Marsala, and several Greek Spirits including Ouzo 12, Metaxa Ouzo, and Metaxa brandies. She has traveled and lived all over the world, where she took advantage of culinary study with local chefs.

She is currently part owner of the acclaimed Terra Plata Restaurant in Seattle, and founded the beloved Seattle Cajun Food Truck “Jemil’s Big Easy” with fellow chef Jemil Aziz in 2011. Together they won many awards, including Seattle’s Best Food Truck three years in a row, and Best of Western Washington.

Julie has taught professionally at the Blue Ribbon Cooking School, as well as several other Seattle venues, and catered in the greater Seattle area. Her food passion is authentic ethnic cuisines, including Greek, Moroccan, Malaysian, Indian, and Thai. She also works with local non-profits Coyote Central and Piccardo Pea Patch on their culinary programs, encouraging young people to create in both gardens and kitchen.

Hand building plates and spoons September 4,5,6 2019

Culinary courses include three pottery classes.  Participants will hand form and use molds, then fire and glaze sample dinnerware and serving spoons as appetizing embellishments to the cuisine they create. We will be using local clays and glazes. Instructor in the introductory experience of this ancient Greek art form is Elena Korakianitou, artist and O-Eleonas owner. Elena’s approach to clay is different from other ceramicists.  She uses clay like any other art medium with the goal of creating unique objects that embody artistic expression.  Specifically, she pushes the boundaries of clay forming, drying and firing to experience accidental results, and uses these accidents to “recognize” how the object inclines toward art.  Elena can teach you how to discover and use happy accidents to turn cracks and breakage into art.